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Magpie Brewery


Our core range is available throughout the year as long as we can keep up with the demand using only British hops and malts.

Our seasonals are available in the months on their description but may pop up again at other times of the year as sometimes we just can’t wait a whole year to taste a fabulous beer again.

The wanderlust beers are available in keg and cask and use hops and malts from around the world.

The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers

Hoppily Ever After 3.8%

Pale session ale hopped with British endeavour for a light aromatic and very drinkable flavour.  

Thieving Rogue 4.5%
Super pale with a floral hop character from classic British hops, and a light biscuit note from 100% Maris Otter malt.

Magpie Best 4.2%
Our classic traditional best bitter, glowing copper and full of malt character, balanced by some fantastic fruity British hops, First Gold and Bramling Cross.

Jay IPA 5.2%
Bursting full of British hops, this golden IPA is warming yet refreshing, fruity and aromatic, very moreish.

Raven Stout 4.4%
Our stout is rich, smooth and packed full of roasted malt flavours and a little sweet smokiness.

January & February

One for Sorrow 4.8%        

Silky smooth with rich roast, bonfire toffee, raisin and coffee flavours


Two for Joy  4.3%

Hopped with Olicana and UK Cascade for a fruity delicious pale golden ale.


Three for a Girl  4.6%              

Warming ruby rye , blending spicy malt character with a generous helping of British hops for a well rounded ale


Four for a Boy 3.6%

Dark ruby mild full of chocolate and roasted malt flavour


Five for Silver  3.9%               

Hopped with British Cascade, Jester and Olicana to create an easy drinking summer session IPA


Six for Gold  4.4%

Zesty golden summery ale with a citrus nose and crisp fruity taste


Seven for a Secret never to be told  5.8%                                    

Full of British hop flavour with tropical notes and a crisp bitterness


Eight is a wish 4.2%           

Pumpkin spiced amber ale, that’s all you need to know!


Nine for a Kiss 3.9%              

Nottingham home grown hops create a fresh tasting full flavoured pale

November & December

Ten for a time of Joyous Bliss  4.7%

Rich full bodied and packed with caramelised forest fruits and malt character Hazelnut brown.

The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers

Cherry Raven 4.4%
Natural dark cherry fruit flavour added to our rich smokey stout, packed full of roasted malt flavour with added sweet fruity dark cherry creamy flavour.

The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers