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We all have daydreams about holidays and weekend getaways, for some the daydreams are more pronounced like a deep yearning, to find the next adventure, destination, flavour or experience and that would be called Wanderlust. And we have it!

These beers are from our adventurous side, using hops and malts from all over the world.

At Magpie Brewery we love the great outdoors and we love great beer, so the wanderlust range reflects the personalities of our brew team and encourages you to get out and create memories, have adventures and experience some exciting beer flavours.

We love the environment, experiencing it, watching it, helping conserve it.  We’re outdoorsy people, hikers bikers, paddlers, surfers birdwatchers and campers. And of course we love great beer, the flavours, textures and aromas. So with the Wanderlust series we’ve combined these passions and we hope you’ll join us in some beery adventures. You can simply enjoy our exciting hop forward beers or be encouraged to get out and explore somewhere new and have an adventure big or small.

We’re also passionate about preserving and enhancing the environments we live work and play in. Magpie Brewery are committed to doing our bit for the environment both locally and globally. Each of our seasonal beers are named with a hidden environmental message, watch out on our social media for more information about each beer, what it’s name means and how we are trying to help.

At Magpie we  feel a creative connection between our beers and nature, that’s why we want to brew fresh great tasting beers that encourage people to think about the environment and maybe get involved. You can get out and experience nature or just do your little bit to help lower our impact on it. We are committed for our brewing process to have the least environmental impact we can achieve and we are a 100% green energy powered brewery.

Join us on some beery adventures!

The first four beers below are semi core, they’ll come and go as they please but we’ll

try to keep at least one available.

TEL.0115 874 8467 OR 0741 999 1310 SALES@MAGPIEBREWERY.COM   




The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers

Belong to earth 4.8%

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Pow Pow 4.6%                                                          Released 7th Jan

Sorachi Ace & Citra Hopped Pale. Powerful citrus, complimented by peaches and cream notes.

Leave only footprints 4.6%

Released 18th Feb

Amarillo and cascade DDH pale ale. These heavy hitting American hops combine for a smooth but intense floral and citrus flavour.

Belong to Earth 4.8%                            

Released 18th March  

Ekenaut and Columbus hopped golden ale. Tropical and juicy with hints of sherbet.

Tread Lightly 4.9%                      Released 15th April

Organic New Zealand Rakau hops, create a tropical passionfruit flavour and aroma. Big hitting flavour whilst treading lightly on our world

Before the Flood 4.6%                 Released 20th May Super crisp and clean pale golden ale brewed with Glacier hops for herbal woody and citrus notes, then dry hopped with big bold flavoured Mosaic  

Catch the Rain 4.9%                      Released 17th June

Organic NZ Cascade and organic British Cascade give this golden ale a orangey citrus flavour.  

Simply Live 4.6%                               Released 15th July Peach Pulp Pale ale. Exactly as it sounds we’ve added plenty of thick peach pulp to and oaty pale ale and then added plenty of tropical hops to create a thick and juicy beer

Into Oblivion 5.8%                   Released 12th August

A blend of hops dominated by Calypso with its peachy and pear aromas create a mixed fruit hop intensity, and complimented by a complex malt Bill to accentuate the flavours.

Days Like These 4.6%              Released 16th September

A West Coast IPA packed with hop flavour and given a smoother slightly sweeter character from the complex malts and yeast, make this a very morish IPA

Chasing the Sun 4.4%           Released 14th October

Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Styrian hops for a orange citrus Golden ale to remind you of summer even in the depths of winter

Wild With 4.6%                             Released 11th November

Double dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe and cascade hops for a citrusy tropical hop beast of a beer

Drop in the Ocean 5.0%       Released 9th December

Organic Rakau and Simcoe hops in the boil and then double dry hopped with Simcoe for a tropical hop bomb

The Wanderlust Seasonal beers

Each month we bring you a new beery adventure, utilising some of the most fantastic hops from around the world.

Available in 9G cask and 30l Sankey keg or you can book a 4.5G cask a minimum of 2 weeks before release date.

 All the Wanderlust series beers are Vegan in all packaging formats.


Trailhound is a Golden ale packed with flavour. A complex malt bill including rye give the beer a light spiced sweet caramel flavour, balanced with tons of juicy Simcoe hops. This a perfect beer for sipping after a great day searching the trails or just that sunset moment.

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask


Jam packed full of American hop flavour yet smooth enough to be sessionable this APA is full of citrus resinous chewy hops.

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask

ROAM 4.5%

Roam is a new world pale ale brewed with hops from America and New Zealand,

Heavy with tropical aroma and flavour.

“ to move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area”

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask


Wanderers is a session IPA designed to be thirst quenching and moreish whilst fulfilling our hop lust with every mouthful. Tropical hop notes from around the world, take a wander.

“Not all people who wander are lost.” We love to wander, to discover and take in all the sights, sounds and especially flavours of wherever our adventures take us.

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask