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When your chain breaks on a downhill run you’ve still got to get to the bottom so keep  flowy, go “no brakes” and ride chainless!

Jam packed full of American hop flavour yet smooth enough to be sessionable this APA is full of citrus resinous chewy hops.

Perfect serve: At the bottom of an awesome bike track, ride it like you stole it.

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask


“Not all people who wander are lost.” We love to wander, to discover and take in all the sights, sounds and especially flavours of wherever our adventures take us.

Wanderers is a session IPA designed to be thirst quenching and moreish whilst fulfilling our hop lust with every mouthful. Tropical hop notes from around the world, take a wander.

Perfect serve: On the beach playing frisbee with your best mates

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask


Finding new places to adventure is always loads of fun and sharing that with mans best friend is even better.

Trailhound is a beer packed with flavour. A complex malt bill give the beer a light spiced sweet caramel flavour, balanced with tons of juicy hops. This a perfect beer for sipping after a great day searching the trails or just that sunset moment.

Perfect serve: Sitting somewhere warm and cosy with your dogs watching rain falling outside

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask


We all have daydreams about holidays and weekend getaways, for some the daydreams are more pronounced like a deep yearning, to find the next adventure, destination, flavour or experience and that would be called Wanderlust. And we have it!

In this range we create beers inspired by our travels and adventures, our sports and our pass times, our exciting times and those fantastic chill out moments.

We’ll be designing beers for those moments in life we all love and remember, be it a far flung adventure or a cosy afternoon in a lovely pub, it’s all about that moment and a fantastic beer to accompany it.

TEL.0115 874 8467 OR 0741 999 1310 SALES@MAGPIEBREWERY.COM   




The Core Range - The seasonals - Wanderlust Beers

ROAM 4.5%

“ to move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area”

Roam is a new world pale ale brewed with hops from America and New Zealand,

Heavy with tropical aroma and flavour.

Perfect serve: Sitting by a lake on a hot summers day

Allergens: Gluten from barley and wheat.  Vegan in keg, bottle and cask