Brewery fresh zero waste beer


Fill, drink, rinse, repeat


Bring us your resealable containers and we’ll fill them with lovely brewery fresh beer for you!

Magpie Brewery's Crafty warehouse tap is at:

Units5-6 Ashling Court, Iremonger rd, Nottingham, NG2 3JA

Containers can be any size as long as they are resealable as we weigh the container to calculate the volume. Containers should be known to withstand pressure.

Example containers are:

Fizzy soft drinks bottles of any size

Glass, metal or plastic beer specific ‘Growlers’


 Current available beers include:

Starling Lager 4.5% Crisp Lager, Gluten free, Vegan

Dry hopped Starling Lager 4.5% Mosaic hopped Lager, gluten free, vegan

Wild within 4.6% Simcoe and Cascade hopped Pale, vegan

Chasing the sun 4.6% Citrus pale, vegan

Chocolate orange one for sorrow 4.8% Chocolate orange oatmeal stout, vegan

Thirsty Farmer medium sparkling cider 5.5%

Blue barrel Sherwood blend cider md/dry 6.5% still

Magpie Coppice cider dry 6.5% still

Selection may vary


The process:

We will weigh the container to record the empty weight of the container

We will rinse and sanitise the container

We will purge the container with Co2 to prevent oxidisation of the beer

We will fill your container with lovely beer

We will sanitise the lid and seal the container

We will weigh the full container to ascertain the volume of beer in the container

We will add a label to the container which will include beer name, abv, alc units and allergens

We will charge you our current rate for the beer based on volume, currently £0.004/ml eg. £4 per Litre

Your take it home enjoy the beer and once finished wash the container ready for its next fill.




Zero waste beer